About Us

In 2010, A.P. Deauville introduced Soft Whisper® as the leading women’s personal care brand in the value priced market segment. With a line of antiperspirant deodorants and body wash in a variety of scents, we provide hard working moms and women an opportunity to feel fresh without breaking the bank!

We know that you have decisions to make each day, each week, each month…what to buy and how much to spend. When it comes to your personal care products, we want to make that decision easy for you. Soft Whisper products smell great, work just as well as the “other” brands, but cost significantly less. It’s a purchase that you can feel (and smell) good about!

The Secret of Soft Whisper!

You can get quality women’s antiperspirant deodorantbody wash and bar soap products at a price that makes sense.

Want to know how we do it? We don’t advertise! That’s the secret. We opt out of spending millions of dollars on expensive ads. We don’t Photoshop beautiful models or waste time promising to make your armpits beautiful. We keep it simple.

So, forget the hype! Remember your budget and spend your money on other things in life that matter. Smell great, live better with quality at a price that will make you want to tell your friends!