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  • A mother and daughter on the computer in the kitchen talking about wearing deodorant

    When is the Time to Get Deodorant for My Kid?

    It seems to happen overnight. That sweet little child, who always smelled like either summer day clover, or baby shampoo, or ice cream, or finger paints – ALL OF A SUDDEN smells like a professional basketball player after a double overtime playoff game in a 90 degree venue! What happened to your little innocent boy […]

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  • An image of a skunk

    How Do You Tell a Co-Worker that They Stink?

    It’s one thing when someone’s fresh air compromising smell permeates through a subway car, or at an Aerobic Extreme Cardio Zumba Bootcamp Kickboxing class. Perhaps it is even, to some degree, expected that such a thing might happen there. But is these cases, it is just something to grin – or rather smell – and […]

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  • Deodorant stain on a shirt being removed in a sink

    I’m always getting deodorant stains on my clothes! What’s the best way to remove them?

    Deodorant stains are always a fear of mine, especially if I’m dressed up to go to a big event or business meeting (especially when wearing black). If you’re on the go, carry an extra pair of pantyhose in your bag, which can act as a micro cleaning cloth for newly-formed deodorant marks. Rub the marks […]

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