I’m a big animal advocate and could never use a product that tests on animals. Do you test on animals?


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A close-up of a chocolate lab mix nose

In Freshen Up

Over the years I have tested out a variety of deodorants and cosmetics on myself. But when it comes to the four legged variety, or other non-human variations, the clear answer as to whether Soft Whisper tests anything at all on them is a resounding and definitive – NO! NEVER!

We leave the animal kingdom to figure out for themselves how to smell good. They often kinda like things differently than men & women in the olfactory area anyway. In fact, of all the many personal care products developed and manufactured by A.P. Deauville, absolutely NOTHING is EVER tested on ANY of our animal friends.

That being said, I must confess, my Mutt goes crazy for the Pomegranate Lemon Verbena body wash scent every time I come out of the shower – to the point that he chewed multiple holes in my new PJ’s after I left for work. So though I am against animal ‘testing’ – I did get a little ‘testy’ with him that day when I came back home. But he is over-the-top too cute to hold a grudge with, as are all the wonderful animals that we share our big old planet with.

So no worries – stick with our scents, save your money, and know for sure that no animals were ever involved in the creation of these spectacular products!