I have heard people talk about using deodorant on their inner thighs to prevent chaffing when working out. Does it work?


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A women applies a stick of Soft Whisper deodorant to her inner thigh before working out to prevent chaffing

In Freshen Up

Many women (and men) use deodorant on their inner thighs before they work out, or when they wear skirts and dresses – all in an effort to prevent chafing. Some also apply it down their legs to grease up a slide into their tight skinny jeans. Does it work? Absolutely.

That brings to mind a whole variety of other potential alternative deodorant uses our readers have told me about:

  • For getting those snug winter gloves on.
  • Preventing sweaty palms.
  • Keeping your feet dry.
  • Diminishing that “summer day under the boob irritation”.
  • Lubricating the wood screws on your IKEA cabinet assembly.


When you think outside of the box with your deodorant applications, remember a few simple things… Common sense – and deodorant manufactures – will advise not to use deodorants in areas other than your underarms. Considering that antiperspirants inhibit sweating, something that is counter to your body’s natural functions, its use over larger areas of your body may not be the best decision.

In addition, you probably already know that your underarms are fine with your daily deodorant painting, but that may not be true with your face, thighs, breasts or pinky toes. You can try a self- administered patch test to look for any itching, redness, burning – or the sudden unexplained appearance of the tattooed name of your most recent ex.

Once you have passed the sensitivity test, at the end of the day – or in the morning light – feel free to apply liberally to your thighs before your next workout or mini skirt wearing evening. You can tell all your friends you have creatively concocted a special inner thigh potion that slathers and soothes any leg scrapes and squeaks whenever you squirm or squat! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.