A friend at the gym swipes about 10 times with deodorant. Is there such a thing as putting on too much deodorant? How much deodorant should I put on?


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A woman applying anti-perspirent under her arms

In Freshen Up

Home improvement sites generally recommend 2 coats of paint on a wall. Nail polish covers best with a base coat, multiple middle coats, completed by a smooth top coat. Lipstick goes around and around in many circles before all lip real estate is covered.

But what about applying your deodorant or antiperspirant?

Drips, Runs, & Puddles = Deodorant Application Challenges

My first response would be that there are some physical limitations governing this to a certain degree. If a women’s deodorant or antiperspirant gets globed on – it will run, puddle up, get gooey, mess up your clothes and possibly drip onto the floor. Who knows the repercussions of that later in the land of dogs and your favorite area rug!

In medical terminology – your goal is to just lightly cover your sweat glands – not smother and drown them. 1 to 4 gentle strokes back and forth should do the job masterfully.

Your gym friend has obviously crossed the line. Does she also over-butter her bread, have cream cheese oozing out of her bagel, and uses a whole messy tube of Crazy Glue to repair her daughter’s broken doll miniature tea cup handle? Now you can set her straight.

Like ANY Insurance – Get Complete Coverage without going Overboard

So from a practical standpoint, avoid plastering it under your arms. I recommend complete coverage, but unless your friend has stock in our Soft Whisper company, please just gently advise her not to increase our monthly sales by going through an entire antiperspirant stick over the course of a dozen workouts at the gym.