Are There Any Unhealthy Ingredients in Soft Whisper Soap?


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Gel dripping from an aloe vera plant - a natural ingredient in soap

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Are there any unhealthy ingredients in Soft Whisper soap? I was searching to learn more about this soap; is it natural? – Lisa Douchette

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your interest in Soft Whisper soap. The Whisper Body Washes do contain some natural ingredients such as aloe vera, citric acid, glycerin and in some cases natural plant extracts. The surfactants, that is the soap part, is not natural. These are derived from natural sources, mainly coconut oil. The oil has to be saponified in order to become soap. This is a chemical reaction that produces a man-made ingredient. All soaps as far as we know are man-made. There is nothing in Whisper Body Wash that is dangerous and all ingredients are approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA.

– Anna