Frequently Asked Questions

The fundamental difference between deodorant and antiperspirants is the active ingredient. Antiperspirants contain aluminum ingredients, which block the pores to eliminate underarm perspiration. No sweat and no odor.

Deodorant, on the other hand, allows your underarms to perspire but combats smelliness by killing odor-causing bacteria.

All deodorants and antiperspirants are FDA regulated, meaning that we all use the same active ingredients but in varying amounts. All brands have to prove the efficacy of their product through independent labs with FDA mandated standards in order to claim “Anti-Perspirant”. The only difference you will really see from brand to brand is a variation of scents and application method (solid stick, roll on, gels, spray, etc).

The expensive brands are not any better or worse- they are the essentially the same! Make your choice based on your preference in scent, application method, and most importantly, price.

Soft Whisper products cost less because we don’t advertise. Our company’s mission from the very beginning was to provide consumers with high quality personal care products at an affordable price, without compromising the product’s quality, ingredients, scents or packaging. When you buy a $4 stick of deodorant, you aren’t buying better quality; you are covering the cost of their advertising budget. No advertising saves us money and we pass the savings directly to you!

It’s that simple.

Choose Soft Whisper and keep the extra cash to spend on life’s other necessities- like food, rent, gas and fun! Smell great, live better with quality at a price that will make you want to tell your friends!

You can buy our products online or at your local Dollar Store!

Absolutely not! Soft Whisper products have never been tested on animals, nor have any other products made by our parent company A.P. Deauville. There is no need. We do sometimes test the items on our boss and some will claim he’s an animal!

Once you discover Soft Whisper’s unbeatable prices and quality, the days of spending $4 on stick of deodorant will be over. Pick out your favorite scent of our deodorant and body washes to start saving money today!