Bar Soap

Soft Whisper Bar Soap Pomegranate

Bar Soap the Way You Want It

– Vintage? Throw back?
– A re-visited comfort zone?
– A re-invention of the past?
– Or can we maybe even call it futuristic?
– All of the above!

Bar Soap…

Re-incarnated as the New Soft Whisper Bar Soap!

It’s everything you’ve been wanting today. (Maybe without even knowing it.)

Our new Soft Whisper extra pure vegetable soap embraces the tradition of all the great French soap making. We use a refined triple milling process, and blend such wonderful old world techniques with a variety of inspiring scents. Only the best and finest natural vegetable based ingredients that soothe, moisturize and gently clean. Your skin will immediately feel the difference – a feeling that will last all day, and stay right with you late into the night. Your face and your body will come alive and enter a world more creamy and luxurious than anything you have experienced before!

Pure Creamy Luxury

When you treat yourself to Soft Whisper Bar Soap, you reside within an exclusive zip code that does not allow occupancy by parabens, phthaletes or sodium lauryl sulfate. Do we have a bad attitude about that notorious trio? Definitively! They know better than to even come anywhere close to our manufacturing facilities. Our drones and cameras constantly police the premises to guarantee their exclusion from all our soap making festivities forever!

We love animals – but they are not allowed around here either. We don’t test on the earth’s creatures. No animal testing period! Never have, never will.

So discover our new bar soaps, and allow them to give you back all the attention your body craves. Sweet rich lather, smooth gentle sensations. Our soaps make you feel good. Choose your calm or kinda crazy wild mood scent, from Cucumber Green Tea to Pomegranate Lemon Verbena.

Affordable? Very! Wake up with a variety of pure creamy luxury choices every day! Available online.

Soft Whisper Bar Soap Cucumber